Templepan Directors & Founder

Templepan Security Systems was founded in 1972 by Peter Clements. The company’s objective being to sweep offices for listening devices and to consult with organisations regarding the best practice to prevent these being planted. The company supplied detection equipment to over 40 police forces in the UK and Templepan soon expanded and carried out consultancy in many other countries. It now provides a full range of consultancy services including eavesdropping monitoring equipment.

The company has been providing these and other related consultancy services in many countries including the Middle East, and many former Eastern bloc countries and have provided Electronic Counter Measure advice and equipment to Major oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, banking organisations and also to major defence manufacturers.

Templepan also designs and manufactures bespoke electronic equipment to meet customer’s specific needs.

Templepan now provide a full range of corporate security services, including: electronic counter surveillance inspections, associated monitoring equipment and security solutions for executives.

Simon Clements joined the company in 1987 and is now Managing Director with responsibility for electronic counter-surveillance services. Templepan is a family managed business dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and technical competence.