As businesses regain confidence, renewed interest in corporate mergers and acquisitions and Initial Public Offerings (IPO) appear to be on the up and this is the time for corporate Britain to wake up to the fact that this provides pickings for the corporate spy – and our corporate spying warning:

The London Stock Exchange has seen many IPOs from UK companies worth $4.5 billion so far this year – the highest year-to-date figure for UK companies listing in the home market since 2007.

I say that whether you are a mid-market player, start-up looking for funding or even a larger company looking at merging or acquiring, the same rules apply. Get your office swept for bugs. It may be highly fashionable to have hugely impenetrable Data Vaults, the very best of enterprise wide security software systems and firewalls, but at the end of the day your deal could collapse if there is one simple bug or spying device in the boardroom.

Finance directors, risk managers and compliance Officers alike need to be aware of this seemingly low-tech threat to business. Its simple: scan the office, boardroom and buildings. The last thing you need as you prepare for a float or for an acquisition is for your financial data to be used against you.

Peter Clements    Templepan Security

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