The world market is being flooded with miniature mobile phone modules specially designed for use as covert listening devices. They require a SIM card and a battery to be active and can then be discreetly “dialled up” from anywhere in the world. The two integral microphones are sensitive enough to pick up conversations up to 20 feet away. These new GSM bugging devices are the most effective form of eavesdropping that I know. These bugs are very efficient as they use an established worldwide communications network i.e. the mobile phone network. They are very difficult to find and locate and are quite legal to use. These bugs are the size of a small matchbox, including rechargeable battery which lasts for 36 hours. They cost £22.00 on Ebay. They pose a huge threat to confidential discussions.

The eavesdropper simply calls the phone number of the SIM card from anywhere in the world and listens in. Other versions of the GSM bug remain on standby and will call you when sounds are heard in the target room.

Templepan, in cooperation with one of the largest UK banks has developed a system to detect these GSM devices instantly and to then text a message to the designated recipient giving details of the type of the device and its location.

We would like to propose to you that a “secure area” is set up on the meeting room floor which would enable you to have meetings in complete confidence knowing that no listening device of any type, has been introduced into the room and this protection is active 24/7.

Peter Clements  Templepan Security Systems Ltd

bug sweeps, electronic eavesdropping, gsm bugs

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