Electronic counter-surveillance, bug sweeping and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

As specialists in electronic counter-surveillance, bug sweeping and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) our clients include leading blue-chip organisations in banking, finance and industry worldwide as well as public sector organisations.

“Modern eavesdropping techniques are global, highly efficient and many listening devices are now using very inexpensive mobile phone devices which are legal to use and difficult to locate.”

Are you sure your meeting rooms and offices are free from hidden transmitting devices?

As eavesdropping is fast becoming the ‘new route’ to obtaining corporate advantage, Templepan believes that many companies will be the subject of eavesdropping during sensitive negotiations, and therefore electronic counter-surveillance measures, or ‘bug sweeping’ should be considered as an essential routine procedure. At the very least they should be used during sensitive or strategic negotiations.


Engineer analysing R.F. signals

Electronic Counter Surveillance

Non-Linear junction detection equipment in use

Graph showing bug detection

Computer generated R.F. spectral analysis plot

Templepan employ state of the art detection equipment and all our operators have been extensively trained. Electronic counter-surveillance and bug sweeping is no black art. It is a carefully planned and technically sound process. All our customers are provided with a detailed report after each ‘sweep’ detailing the equipment used, the personnel on site and any relevant comments that may relate to possible security weaknesses in the areas inspected.

If you are concerned about eavesdropping, then call us from a safe phone and we will be pleased to discuss options with you.

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