Senior Staff Security Provision

Templepan supply and install high end, state-of-the-art security systems for private and corporate clients.

Our security systems are designed to meet the customer’s precise needs  and reflect the level of security necessary.

The initial site survey starts from the perimeter of the premises and working inwards to encompass all *areas of risk.

Security provision focuses on both physical and electronic security using the latest technology.

*Areas of risk include: Electric gates, internal and external alarms, locks, building works including walls and fences, underground sensors, flood lighting, active and passive infra-red detectors, CCTV low light cameras, vehicle registration number recognition CCTV cameras, thermal imaging cameras, electronic counter-surveillance, intruder detection.  Fire and smoke detection, Central station 24/7 monitoring, Connection of systems to the internet for remote access. Close protection services.


Senior Staff Security Provision