Phones, Bugs and Business

Phones, Bugs and Business

Dont’t take mobile phones into meetings! Phones, bugs and Business:

“There is no more efficient bugging device than a mobile phone. It can be remotely switched on and listened to by any other mobile phone”

Every few months a bugging scandal appears in the press and is naturally taken very seriously. Panic sets in amongst the targeted organisation and ECM sweeps are conducted to ensure the rest of the premises are clear. It all seems like very poor security to me. If sensitive meetings are to take place then, like any other forms of security, appropriate measures should be taken before the event to ensure the area has not been compromised. “Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted” is so often how security systems are installed. It is human nature to do this but it is not the best security.

Bugs have been around to listen to conversations for years and before then, listening to other people’s conversations has always been an unfair way of obtaining information. (remember the origin of the word “eavesdropping“)

If we exclude the law enforcement officers, then eavesdropping by any organisation is normally about gaining a pecuniary advantage.

Electronic sweeping and checking rooms during meetings is essential if one is to be confident that items brought into the meeting are not themselves, knowingly or otherwise, being used as a covert listening device. It is the mobile phone which I refer to as this is such a powerful tool. If suitably modified by down loading free software, the phone can then be completely controlled by the hacker.

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