TSS370 GSM Property Protector

Purpose built, battery operated security device which immediately alerts

How does it work?

1. The TSS 370 uses a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor which detects the movement of heat (i.e. a moving person or vehicle)

2. The camera takes images of the intruder. A colour image is taken during the day, a black & white image at night. In darkness the area is illuminated using ‘invisible’ infra-red light

3. Using mobile phone technology the device then calls up to 4 pre-programmed numbers

4. The images of the intruder are then emailed to up to 4 pre-programmed email addresses

The unit then re-sets itself ready for the next activation.

TSS300 GSM Property Protector


 Detection range up to 10m

 Immediate notification of an intruder via text or phone call

 2 images sent via email to your smart phone or computer

 Rechargeable, long life batteries

 100% weatherproof

 Programmable timer

 Remote operation via text message

 Simple software included with USB link to computer


For more information:

Will the intruder/s know they have been detected?

No. The unit is completely silent and has no visible lights.

What is the detection range?

The sensor will be activated by the movement of heat up to 10 metres away.

Can I set it up to work at different times of the day?

Yes. A timer can be programmed so the unit is active only within specified times of the day. For example you may only want it to work at night.

Will animals activate it?

In theory yes; however we have installed a very specific sensor which when positioned correctly allows for smaller animals to go undetected.

The sensor’s area of detection is elliptical. The angle of detection left and right is approx 45°, up and down it is only 12°. When the device is positioned at 1.5 – 2m high it means that animals up to approximately 1m will go underneath the sensor’s range.

How long do the batteries last?

The rechargeable, lithium 5V batteries should last on average 2-3 months depending on usage.

You will be alerted by text message when the battery life gets below 20%. (Charger is provided).

Is it easy to operate?

Yes. We have worked very hard to ensure the unit remains as simple as possible to use. You will receive your unit with all the programming done for you, so all you need to do is insert a SIM card and switch the unit on. Changing the programmed information is very straight forward should you wish to do this at a later date.

The unit can be operated remotely if required. For example, amongst other things, the unit can be switched off via text message. We believe this is the only product of its kind on the market that has this amount of flexibility, ease of use and remote operation.

What information can be programmed?

The unit can be programmed with the following:

 Up to 4 different phone numbers to call

 Up to 4 different email addresses

 Timer

 Sensor sensitivity

 1 or 2 images to be taken and sent to each email recipient

Is it easy to programme?

Yes. Programming is simple and straight forward and can be done in one of two ways:

1. Remotely via text message

2. By connecting it to your computer and using simple software (software is provided and

updates can be emailed directly from Templepan)

Do I need a mobile phone signal?

Yes. The unit has a mobile phone modem inside which requires a standard SIM card. To enable it to make the phone call and send the email is does need to be positioned in an area with a reasonable mobile phone signal. It only requires 2G; it does not need to connect to 3G/4G or have access to


SIM card

Any standard SIM card can be used, as long as it can operate on 2G and be able to transmit data. SIM cards are widely available, either pay-as-you-go or on a contract.

Our advice is to use a contract card and there are many very competitive SIM-only deals available.

Pay-as-you-go SIM cards sometimes come with data in ‘packets’ and may need topping up on a monthly basis.

A standard SIM cards with 2MB of data per month would enable up to 60-80 images per month.

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