The TSS400 is a stand-alone unit which continuously monitors meeting rooms for the presence of mobile phone bugs, Wi-Fi transmissions, Bluetooth and other radio listening devices. If a suspicious signal is detected, the information is then immediately processed to confirm the presence of a bugging device. The unit then sends an SMS text message or a phone call to any of 4 pre-programmed phones identifying both the room and the type of transmission detected. It then returns to the monitoring state.

Designed specifically to monitor conference areas, meeting rooms, board rooms and sensitive data processing areas where transmitting equipment is prohibited, the TSS400 continuously checks for suspicious transmissions. The unit is discreet and designed to blend sympathetically within a modern office environment.

The system provides a unique, affordable solution to the huge eavesdropping threat posed by mobile phones transmitters, radio listening devices and wi-fi.

TSS400 ECM Radio Frequency Detector